Countryside Christian School

Live. Learn. Lead.

Our Mission

Countryside Christian School, with grades 1-8, is part of the largest Protestant school system in the world and is fully accredited with the state of Oregon. Our school is staffed by enthusiastic, qualified, caring people. We are accepting of others regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin or religious affiliation. 

Our mission at Countryside Christian School is to help each student become a friend of God. 

We work toward this goal by working with students to:

- Know and love the King of Kings and the Word of God, developing a Christ-like character. 
- Respect and love others, developing the desire to cheerfully serve others. 
- Cultivate and love others, developing a responsible life focus. 
- Develop the whole person: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially, developing goals of their own that are pleasing to God.