Countryside Christian School

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School Uniforms


Hoodies/Jackets/coat: Navy

Polo Shirts: Navy, Maroon, Forest Green, White

Pants: (Denim, corduroy, or twill) Navy, Tan, or Stone


The goal for uniforms is to make life easier not harder.   To get established it will take some extra effort, but then we can trade sizes up as we build an inventory.  You may purchase your uniforms anywhere if they meet the guidelines.  The better quality we purchase the longer they will last!  You will then take them to the printer to be branded.  I am looking for someone to embroider the logos and will let you know soon. 



There are shirts and Jackets ready to purchase upon registration.  

Shirts are $15 and Jackets are $25.


Hoodies/Jackets/coat:  They should be Navy blue (dark blue).  There is no design restriction if they are comfortable, clean, and modest.  The logo can be on the front or the back according to personal preference.


At least one per student

Tops:  They need to be a polo in either Navy, Maroon, Forest Green or White.  Material that wears and washes well and is comfortable for the student.  They can be long or short sleeved.  The logo will need to be on the front and on the left.  There are polo’s that are cut for girls, but they are not required.  


At least 4 shirts per student – one for each day and once a month on Friday.

Bottoms:  Pants or shorts should be twill or denim.  Straight leg or Boot cut (Not skinny).  Look for a comfortable fabric that wears and washes easily.  If they are reinforced at the knee all the better!  Noathletic pants please.  There are draw string options for those that don’t like zippers too. Shorts should be Bermuda style and no shorter than to the fingertips.  Skirts are not an option for school currently. If we find a modest skirt for performances we may add them, but I haven’t found anything yet.

Each student should have at least 2 pants and a short option.

Shoes: Athletic shoes with ties or Velcro.  They should protect and provide ease of running and jumping without flying off.  Shoes need to be close toed and without a high heel.  Tennis shoes, running shoes, walking shoes...  Socks should be worn with shoes!


At least one pair per student.

Dresses/Skirts:  They should come to the knee and long shorts should be worn under them.  We are wanting modesty.  I prefer skirts and dresses to be worn for performances and not for school.  It makes it harder to play and participate in PE.

May be used for performances but not required at this time.

  • Jewelry should not be worn at school.